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Duncan lives in West Sussex, with his wife, Beks and rescue cat, Milly. He works as a dental technician for Elite Dental Studios in the day, and writes crime/horror/fantasy/romance stories in the evenings and weekends. 

While he reads as much as time allows, Duncan is an avid watcher of movies, his favourite genre being horror. He watches a movie most nights, so easily watches over 300 every year, which is where he gets his ideas from.

A graduate of criminology and criminal justice studies at the University of Portsmouth, he has always had an interest in crime, specifically abnormal psychology. He has had 3 police procedurals published in the Met Murder Investigations series, No Way Out, Bird of Prey and Bad Blood. And on January 4th, 2021, his first psychological thriller, Mr Invisible was published.

When Mother Nature chose Ashley Oakwood, she made a mistake.

Now it’s time to correct that mistake...

From the dawn of mankind, Mother Nature has always known of humans’ destructive ways. To ensure her own survival, she created The Ferralling, a vicious and bloodthirsty breed of creature, who kept humans in check. When The Ferralling became a liability, She destroyed them, deciding to put her survival in the hands of only the most deserving humans. These chosen ones She calls The Reclaimed.

The only human to be born of the Earth, Ashley Oakwood has powers beyond that of The Reclaimed. A kind and generous young woman, who wants nothing more than to belong, Ashley watches humans from afar, until she meets James, the man of her dreams. When he rejects her, he sets in motion a chain of events that pits humans against The Reclaimed, The last of The Ferralling, and Mother Nature Herself.

Who will emerge victorious from this brutal and bloody battle?

Oakwood Falls is a stunningly haunting and evocative read , perfect for fans of Delia Owens and Monique Roffey


They say if you listen carefully at night, you can still hear the screaming…

Seven bodies are recovered from Hellsleigh, the most infamous asylum in the UK, which has lain derelict for the last 30 years.
On the eve of its planned demolition, famed parapsychologist and author, Brandon Fiske, and his team of paranormal investigators, break into the abandoned hospital, determined to find proof of its supernatural powers.
Unknown to them, local villager, Jason Hough, whose past is inextricably linked with Hellsleigh’s, returns for one last visit, along with a group of university students in search of a place to party.
Little do the two groups know, they are there on a very special anniversary for the hospital, an occasion the building remembers only too well.

Once you enter Hellsleigh, it will never let you leave.

Hellsleigh is a chilling supernatural thriller that is guaranteed to keep you up at night.

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