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Vincent lives in Leeds with his wife and an assortment of plush hippos. As a child he was constantly disappointed that his wardrobe didn't open into Narnia, but eventually realised writing about excitement and adventure is a lot less stressful than living it. He works for a major metropolitan university doing the kind of IT that doesn't involve telling people to switch it off and on again.

At the very moment when Daniel Littlewood decides to end his worthless life, he’s not himself any more.

He’s the suave and deadly hero of a Hollywood dream filled with fast cars, beautiful women and jetsetting intrigue.

As fantasy and reality begin to collide and a global conspiracy threatens the fate of the world, the only question is,

Just how badly Daniel Littlewood screws up this time…

Dripping with Hollywood glamour and intrigue, Eidolon is a slick and stylish thriller you won’t want to miss

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