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Kyle is the critically acclaimed author of numerous works of dark, full-throttle horror fiction, including The Club, A Better Life, Where the Dead Ones Play & Dark Island. In his short career, his books have delighted readers looking for an authentic, fresh, and fearless take on literary terror.

Born in Glasgow, Scotland, and now residing in the coastal town of Largs, he lives with his long-suffering partner, an overweight cat, and a decidedly twisted imagination that keeps him up all night. 

Kyle's Horror Novel is a love-letter to the genre and a celebration of Halloween, 80’s slasher flicks, monster movies, and the ‘video-nasty’ era. 

243892005_1120081552098793_204964162849290651_n copy.jpg

Welcome to Blackhaven. October 31st. 1984. 

It's the era of drive-ins, arcade-halls, and the video nasty.

Three-hundred years ago the town's founders, desperate to protect their families and their lands from the hardships and horrors of the old world, struck a bargain with something beyond their understanding.  

Now, while the residents celebrate All Hallow's Eve with slasher screenings, trick or treating, and fire-lit woodland parties, the dark and terrible power that the town's forefathers once called upon has returned. It's come to claim what's owed.

Lock your doors. Bolt your windows. Blow out the Jack o’lanterns.  
This Halloween the terror is real, and the streets of Blackhaven will run red.

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