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Sadie Ryan lives in leafy Cheshire in the North West of England. She has completed two standalone psychological suspense/domestic noir novels. Her debut novel, Behind Closed Doors was published May 2019. 

Sadie’s always dreamed of being a writer. She passionately believes reading is a door opening into a private world full of wonder and excitement that no other medium can provide. The magic of books has no limits with the imagination of the reader and author combined.

When asked where she gets her ideas from, she says, ‘From observation, inspiration and lots of wicked thoughts.’

Sadie loves spending time with her dog, Willow, and messing about in her garden. Having people over for meals and lots of wine. She loves to cook and thinks there’s nothing better than eating in the garden surrounded by her friends and family and a good bottle of wine chatting until the sun goes down.

She’s travelled a lot over the years all over the world and recently discovered the joy of cruising. Enjoying the relaxed approach holidays like these bring, she spends time choosing the right ones. 

When she’s not doing her day job or writing she loves watching old black and white movies. 

Sadie's gripping psychological thriller which will have you sat at the edge of your seats throughout, was published by Spellbound in Spring 2021.

Welcome to SpellBound Sadie.

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Two Strangers.

A Chance Meeting?

One Moment that will change their lives forever.

Lindy once had the world at her feet. An adoring husband, two beautiful daughter’s and a successful career.

In a split second, a tragic accident causes Lindy’s world to come crashing down around her.

Mia, personal fitness trainer and glamorous wife of a local tv personality seems to have everything.  

Slowly Lindy learns more about Mia’s ‘perfect’ life and becomes convinced that they are each other’s saviours.  

As obsessions grow and the lines that shape reality become blurred, Lindy’s and Mia’s lives are now forever dangerously intertwined as personalities merge

Nobody with a conscience can survive, can they?


A breathtaking psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. –Fans of Samantha Downing, Lucinda Berry and Teresa Driscoll will devour this twisty thriller in one sitting 

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