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Jerry Canada

Canada grew up in Long Island, New York and studied psychology at SUNY Stony Brook, where he served as student body president and was an All American track athlete. He earned his JD and graduated with honors from UC Berkeley School of Law and practiced intellectual property law for almost 20 years in New York City where he tried biotech and pharmaceutical cases before juries. He was a partner at some of the top international law firms, and has spent much of his life coaching and mentoring young people, and volunteering at the Harlem Children's Zone as a martial arts instructor. 


“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”—Abraham Lincoln.

History has proven that when African Americans seek equality in America they are often met with intimidation, bombings of their neighborhoods, and murders of the innocent.

The Third Verse explores whether the United States of America would be pulled apart at the seams when African Americans sit as equals to their White counterparts.
Are Americans strong enough to stand together, or will institutionalized racism be the downfall the American Republic?

Anthony Marks and President Lawrence Edison seek to resolve these questions… to save the soul of America.  
Their task becomes much more difficult when the invading forces of The People’s Republic of China forces the balance of power in favor of African Americans. China offers African Americans the opportunity of a lifetime… to finally stand as equals. Will they accept?

Will Tony and Law save America? Or is history ordained to repeat itself.
Switching Day is just the first step.

VERSE critiques America’s racial divisiveness, while celebrating the spectacular depth of our undeniable unity as diverse Americans.

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