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Caroline Dunford


Having previously worked as a journalist and then a psychotherapist, Caroline enjoyed many years helping other people shape their personal life stories before taking the plunge and writing her own stories. She has now published almost thirty books in varying genres, ranging from historical crime, to thrillers and romance, including her much-loved Euphemia Martins mysteries and a new series set around WWII featuring Euphemia's perceptive daughter Hope Stapleford. Caroline also teaches creative writing courses part-time at the University of Edinburgh.

Sharra's world is a terrifying place. Violent seismic 'Shifts' and outbreaks of an all consuming black fire radically alter landscapes on an increasingly frequent basis. Only the Map Makers can predict where Shift will fall, and Sharra, daughter to one of the most famous Map Makers, yearns to join their ranks and break cultural taboo, which forbids female cartographers.

Sharra's father, Lord Milton, is one of the few to challenge the current order, but his shadowy past limits his political reach and his second wife, Lady Ivory, is determined to manipulate him to ensure a privileged future for herself and her daughter.
But nothing is as it appears. The study of The True Map, drawn by the original Map Makers, not only enables the prediction of Shifts, but it is also the source of an ancient power that binds the world together. Now it is failing, as modern Map Makers secretly cause Shifts for personal gain.

Everything is in danger...

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