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Detective Ray Logue has become something of a maverick in Jim Mulcahy’s police department, having never quite got over the death of his wife 12 years earlier. Logue is now a hard-drinking loner, a loose cannon and thorn in Mulcahy’s side, apt to take the law into his own hands. 


He always gets results, but as the body count begins to rise, Logue slowly senses he has stumbled into a sticky web of lies, cover-ups and fronts stretching from his own department all the way to the top level of political power. From the law-enforcers to the law-makers, from respectable businessmen to Russian mobsters – a sinister hand is exercising an iron grip across the whole social order and woe betide any who dare to try to weaken it in any way.


Set in Ireland at the peak of the Celtic Tiger era, Death Rains Down is a dark story of murder, organised crime and political corruption.

Kevin McManus is an award-winning writer from Western Ireland. He is an active member of the CWA (The international Crime Writers Association) and has published six novels and two novellas since 2016. 

In 2016 the author was awarded the Leonard Trophy for his writing and in 2017 “Under the Red Winter Sky” was voted the best crime Novel of the year out of 2000 nominated books.

In 2019, “The dark path” was published , the first in a series of books featuring a New York based Detective called John Morrigan.

Alongside writing crime fiction, the author also dabbles in poetry and is publishing his first anthology next month entitled “Spirits in the forest”. 

By day, Kevin works as a schoolteacher in his native county Leitrim where he lives with his wife, Mary.

Kevin has signed a three-book deal with Spellbound Books for his Irish crime series featuring Detective Ray Louge. The first book in the series was published in Spring 2021 .

Welcome to SpellBound Kevin.

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