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Mia Ryder

Mia Ryder is a debut author of erotica and steamy romance, but you might know her better as LV Hay. LV’s books previous books were crime fiction: The Other Twin, Do No Harm (Orenda Books) and Never Have I Ever(Hodder). Her latest book The Coven is under the pseudonym Lizzie Fry for Sphere Books, out Feb 25th 2021. The Other Twin is currently being adapted for the screen by Agatha Raisin producers Free@Last. 

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'Demonically wicked and disturbingly sexy' - Kay Jaybee
Bite size filth to devour before bed , Little Deaths is the first novella in the SEX.DIE.REPEAT series by Mia Ryder.
Jessica has had enough. She is young and beautiful with her own place and job, but she doesn’t want to be here anymore. When she’s contacted by a mysterious agency, Jessica listens to their proposal and signs on the dotted line. Nick appears at Jessica’s door: he’s her every fantasy made flesh. He promises to make all her desires come true … but there’s one thing she has to give him in return: her eternal soul.
LITTLE DEATHS is a feminist tale of sex and longing, with a killer sting in the tale.
Please note: this is a story for adults only, featuring sexual content and commentary on mental health, suicide and depictions of choking/strangulation.

‘Supernatural horror with a generous sprinkling of sex demons - what’s not to love? I can’t wait to read more of Kali and Nick’s story’ – Violet Fenn, author of Love At First Bite

Failing at work, Nick’s superior Abe decides he needs brush up on the basics. Sent downstairs to the re-education department, the arrogant Nick is less than pleased … He’s incandescent with rage when he discovers who his re-educator is – Kali, his ex!
Kali is delighted to see her old lover fall from The Boss’ good graces with such a bump. She and Nick trained together what feels like a thousand years ago (because it was). This is her big chance to prove to Abe she’s got what it takes to pull a rule-breaker like Nick back in line and get the credit she deserves.
There’s one problem: the attraction that burned between Kali and Nick is still raging.
Kali might never have been able to stand Nick but keeping her hands off him is just as difficult. They might have always been in competition to prove who’s best, but it seems there really is a thin line between love and hate.
Now Kali is determined to make Nick see who’s boss once and for all …

RE-EDUCATION is a steamy dominatrix tale where anything goes. PLEASE NOTE: This story is for adults only and contains highly sexual content, depictions of horror, religious iconography, spanking and torture, as well as commentary on culpability, war and capitalism.


‘Mia Ryder delivers a devilishly dark and twisty tale, sure to satisfy your cravings for a steamy short read.’
Mara Leigh, author of the BOUND BY HER BLOOD series 
Fresh from his re-education, Nick hasn’t really learned his lesson. Reporting to his superior Abe again, Nick boasts about getting one over on his ex Kali.
Abe decides to get one over on Nick, instead. He gives him his new assignment – seduce and kill the enigmatic Raquel, a super-rich businesswoman in the city.
Travelling down to the mortal realm, Nick takes the body of a man he’s sure will attract Raquel. He doesn’t have to wait long: that Friday night after work she appears in the bar, soaking up the attentions of all the men in the place.
Nick finds Raquel an easy seduction … too easy!
Too late, Nick discovers Raquel is not what she seems. Horrified and on a countdown, he realises he’s really met his match.
Even worse, Abe breaks it to Nick he has just one night to complete his mission … He has just three goes to get it right.
Nick must seduce Raquel by daylight or risk being rubbed out of existence by the big boss downstairs.
AFTER MIDNIGHT is a break-neck, speedy time loop story where the tables have turned: women are in charge and men are their unwitting prey.
This story is strictly for adults only. It contains highly sexual content, as well as depictions of strangulation, stabbing, bondage and dubious consent.

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