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Sumaira Wilson and Nikki East are the co-founders of SpellBound Books Ltd. Together we have a wealth of experience within the publishing industry covering over 20 years.  We both have specific skill sets that marry together perfectly to offer our authors a very bespoke experience.  We literally provide everything for our authors on their literary journey from submission to publication and beyond.  Everything is done in-house and in close collaboration with the author.

Because we do not restrict ourselves to any particular genre, we take each book on merit and give it and the writer personal guidance and structure to help on the road to realising their dreams of becoming a published author.

We are naturally diverse and pride ourselves on being socially conscious and this is reflected in some of our publications, both fiction and non-fiction. We also undertake a number of charitable endeavours, details of which are here on the website.

If you wish to know more about us, please follow us on social media or message us via the Contact Us page here on the website.

We look forward to catching up with you soon.

Nikki & Sumaira

Lucy V. Hay - Bang 2 Write

"Sumaira & Nikki are committed publishers who want the best for their authors.  Their attention to detail on edits, covers and marketing is second to none.  As a small press, they can also take risks on stories that may not fit the mainstream.  I have no qualms recommending SpellBound Books to my 'Bang 2 Writers'."

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