Look who's joined #TeamSB

A big welcome to the lovely and very talented Zoé-Lee O'Farrell. Zoé has joined the SpellBound team to head up and co-ordinate the blog tours for us, but who is she?? I'll let her tell you herself.

Well hi!

So who am I??

Well, I am human and I go by the name of Zoé (Zooloo being the nickname), a mother to a gorgeous little spitfire who is 5 years old and she definitely keeps me on my feet! The world is not ready for the pair of us!

I am a wife to a soldier and have had to move around with him, but in his current posting we have found home surrounded by the White Cliffs of Dover and I have a cat which I am slightly obsessed with.

I could list the “normal” interests that everyone has like ‘listening to music’, ‘watching sports’, ‘watching TV and movies’ or ‘socialising with my friends’ but in truth, these are my interests outside of reading. I am OBSESSED with TV and movies, in another life, I would be a movie critic. I LOVE music, and I do love a good gig (I could bore you more!). I am an AVID sports watcher, football season ticket holder for Watford FC (promise they are real), and probably more boring watching the cricket. Finally, I do love socialising with my friends which is how my blog started…..I think they got bored with me talking about books…or generally talking!

I have very few books but thousands of ebooks! I do miss the books, the smell and feel of a good book, but I do not miss the pain of when I fall asleep reading and get hit in the face! Luckily kindles are not that heavy!!

I promise on my blog, I will give my honest review and probably try to insert some humour along the way….which will probably fail. I can’t win them all!! It's here on my blog that I'll be publishing all of the tours that I am so excited to be organising for SpellBound Books. A widely diverse set of fiction has already been produced and there's a lot more to come, trust me.

So, if you love reading then you have come to the right place!!

Love Zoé xx

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