Dylan Jones

We are thrilled to welcome Dylan Jones to Spellbound Books . Dylan has signed an amazing five book contract for his spectacular tween series.

Dylan 65 this year, is looking to retire from his day job as an eye surgeon. He has always written. In 1994, he was published as Dylan Jones by Random House. Thicker Than Water was subsequently made into a two-part film by the BBC. Unnatural Acts followed and then the third, Outside the Rules, was also taken up by the BBC and filmed. Unto The Wicked was published in 2002.

A growing desire to move away from hard-core thrillers led Dylan to write for children as a hybrid author. He published The Merryweather’s Mysteries himself -- and began the Wonderwork series a good while ago. He has recently returned to thrillers, initially with a trilogy , and now 2 thrillers as Dylan Young . In between, Dylan managed to indulge his contemporary fantasy weakness with a series called the Hipposync Archives writing as DC Farmer.

Dylan has three grown-up children who have emerged remarkably unscathed into adulthood. When not writing, he practices medicine in darkest West Wales with an understanding (very) wife and the dog.

Dylan's Tween Series , is a speculative science fantasy with time slip elements in an alternative, if not dystopian, Britain, unencumbered by social media, YouTube and Netflix. The first book in the series will be published by Spellbound in Spring 2021 .

Welcome to Spellbound Dylan !.

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